“HARM REDUCTION is about working with the immediate goals and issues people have” “HARM REDUCTION values Life, Choice, Respect and Compassion over Judgement, Stigma, Discrimination and Punishment” “HARM REDUCTION values Life, Choice, Respect and Compassion over Judgement, Stigma, Discrimination and Punishment”

                                                  PAST PROGRAMS & PROJECTS




Title of the Project/Program


Major Programs, Activities & Services


Target Group/Beneficiaries


Geographical Coverage


Funding Partner/s, Agencies


Duration of the Project/program




Challenge Fund

  • Short-home service (Transit-home)
  • Hospital-based aid & assistance (Round the clock)
  • Minor treatment support
  • Counseling
  • Referral & linkages as per need


People Living with HIV & AIDS (PLHIV)


Based in Kathmandu but provided services to beneficiaries from all over the country


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP-Program Management Unit-PMU) channeled through National Association of People Living with HIV & AIDS-Nepal (NAP+N)






Positive Steps for Positive Changes


  • HIV & AIDS Treatment Preparedness &Treatment LiteracyTraining/s to PLHIV and Health Care Professionals
  • Development of Posters & IEC materials related to Stigma & Discrimination
  • Counseling and
  • Referral & linkages as per need


PLHIV and Health Care Professionals working especially for HIV/AIDS patients


Kathmandu valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur & Bhaktapur districts)


International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) & TIDES Foundation






Community-based Harm Reduction program via Partnership Support Fund (PSF)

  • Drop-in-center (DIC) Facility
  • Needle/syringe program (NSP)
  • Peer-led Outreach program
  • Primary health care (Especially Abscess, Wound management/treatment)
  • Behavior Change Communication (BCC) sessions such as Focal & Planned Group Discussions (F/PGD) etc.
  • Counseling and
  • Referral & linkages where and when needed


People Who Inject Drugs (PWIDs)


Kathmandu valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur & Bhaktapur districts)


 Department for International Development (DFID) & UNDP channeled through Recovering Nepal





Advocacy for strengthening the supporting/enabling environment to access HIV/AIDS services for female Who Inject Drugs (FIDUs)

  • Orientation & Consultation meeting with Government bodies, Donor agencies & FIDU groups & network at central level (central region-Kathmandu)
  • Regional-level Consultation Workshops with Service providers, regional FIDU & Women Living with HIV/AIDS (WLHA) groups & regional rep. of Recovering Nepal; national network, at all 5 development regions
  • Regional-level Advocacy Workshops at all 5 development regions amongst FIDU & WLHA groups & rep. from national networks like Recovering Nepal, NAP+N, National Federation of Women Living with HIV/AIDS-Nepal (NFWLHA), Government bodies such as DACC, DPHO and Service providers, Media houses, CBOs etc.
  • National-level Advocacy Workshop with an aim to share gathered issues from all regional-level consultation & advocacy workshops, major issues affecting FIDUs and WLHAs with & among Government entities like Ministry of Health & Population, National Center for AIDS & STD Control (NCASC), District AIDS Coordination Committee (DACC), rep. from Law Enforcement agency, Health Care Professionals, Media houses, all national networks of Drug and HIV/AIDS, CBOs and FIDU & WLHA groups
  • Media advocacy via Radio program on issues re with FIDUs & WLHA (Media partner Jasket Media House developed 30 episodes of radio program)
  • Development & distribution of IEC materials related to advocacy


Female Who Inject /Use Drugs (FIDUs) & Women Living with HIV & AIDS (WLHA)


Across the nation (all 5 development regions)


United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC )in financial support from UNDP


October 2009-May 2010




SATHI’s Organizational Development Program

  • Placement of 2 Volunteers (expert in organizational & programme development)
  • Various activities targeted towards organization & human-resource capacity development
  • Development of “3-years Strategic Planning” of SATHI (2012-2014)
  • 3-days Team-building workshop
  • Mini (Seed) grants targeted for income generation program


Organization & its human resource




Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO) Nepal


April 2010-December 2012




HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment for Female Injecting/Drug Users, Female Living with HIV/AIDS & Female Prisoners

  • Peer-led Outreach program with Targeted HIV Interventions
  • Media/Radio program
  • Peer Education program
  • Focal Group Discussions (FGD)
  • Coordination & Interaction Meetings with Law Enforcement agencies & Concerned Stakeholders
  • Health Camps
  • Cross-learning visits and
  • Targeted referrals for HIV & STI testings, Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation and HIV care n support along withregular referral & linkages as per need


Female Who Inject/Use Drugs (FIDUs), Female Living with HIV & AIDS


Kathmandu valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur & Bhaktapur districts)


United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC)


April-December 2011